A year of transition, 2013 started with a new concepts and different approaches to these sculpts.  The characters started evolving, and personalities were becoming more pleasant.  Nugglife became the world I envision bringing a fresh look to my creations.  As you look further into the gallery you will see how this particular year influences, the upcoming, and to this day.    

"420 Nuggs"  Nuggs is celebrating every connoisseur's favorite time 4:20..  

"Colt Nuggtana"   Western Nugglife style, the stash must be under the hat....

"Cyborg Nuggs" The future will be green.

"Day Dreamin" Nugglife's Smoke champ Leafy 

"Dutchy" Biker gangs are too high for fighting,  dutch rolling contest are used to settle conflicts. 

"Hydro Cap" Nugg's created your own personal Hydroponics system, just add water and hit the start button. 

"Dead Beat" Life's too good to be a dead beet. 

"Steamin"  Leafy back at it again, bundled up with a hand sewn hoodie, and heavy hitter for proper satisfaction... Stay High!

"Ninja Nuggs"  Sometimes stealth is necessary.

"Running Man"  The American dream is around the corner. 

"Moonshin'in"  Backwoods Nugglife Livin'

"Waxy Time"  Nugglife's extract king Waxy just served up some fresh crumb.

"Nuggyeater's"  Yetis but worse! Don't let these creatures get to the crop!

"Ankle Breaker"  When Agent Dick goes for the intercept. 

"Nuggy Inspector"  Perfection makes perfect. 

"Stoney"  Brother of Smoky, just as useless as Smoky. 

"Pill Keeper"  Keep the evil away, Pillz Killz! 

"Nuggy Paw"   Deep into the world of Nugglife, lays a creature, none like seen before.