A selection of characters and creatures created between 2009-2012.  Each piece started the beginning of the world "Nugglife".  From the first hand crafted plant, to the creation of "Nuggs", these sculpts established the vision, and escalated to the current day pieces I make to this day.  


"OG NUGGS" the first Nuggs ever created. 

"Nugglife's Finest" 5 inch custom Nuggs, Nugglife's biggest innovator. 

"Inside Job"  One of the original Nugglife sets featuring Nuggs, Thugz and Crook Ed.

"Sabertoothed"  Nugg's just got past this little fellow.

"Poppa Nuggs"  One of the greatest travelers of time!

"George Nuggington" The founding father, growing this country from ground on up, using the most powerful flower in the world.