This gallery gathers a collection of green inspired pieces created in 2014.  Each sculpt and custom toy is based on the Nugglife series and uniquely crafted by hand.  From your favorite herbal inspired celebrities to the characters operating the "Nugg Land", each mold around the meaning behind this art. "Living the American Dream without societies standards"


"The Golden Nugget" Some strains are rare in Nugglife. Now this Acapulco Gold, is just tooo rare. 

"Hydro Pod"  Fully equipped hydroponic gro-pod, self reliable and easy to use. 

"Lazy Daze" Smoky's days off are easy, sit back relax and catch the sunset.  

"Nugg Wander"  Legend or truth, he lurks the fields of green far north where no man has claimed.

"King of the streets"  Rusty's moves get him paid, an all his money gets him laid. "20 inch version"  

"George Nuggington" The father of America.  Using the precious green as a source of income from the beginning.

"Cheech and Chong"  Nothing beats "Up in Smoke," a couch, and a fat nugget.