"NuggLife Gro-op"

Allow me to introduce you to NUGGLIFE! The way of the hustling American. Where growing, cultivating, packaging and pushin has become a part of our society.

Amongst this underground lifestyle mad characters are lookin to get theirs. Now I know your all thinkin the ghetto here, and damn straight, lots a trees make their way through the hood. That's where my boy, THUGZ, is holding it down. Crook ED the cop also takes and makes his green off these streets. While NUGGS is growin the crops on the mountain tops. This is where things can get stickey. Operations must be well maintained to keep under the radar of the ever-watchful eye of the DEA.

Come along as we prepare to take you on This High Stakes Adventure Where A friend with NUGGS, is a friend for THUGZ....