The man behind it all.  From growing, distributing, and smoking, this guy runs Nugglife.  Living in a beautiful forest and field of green dreams, Nuggs manages dozens of growing operations.  From tree forts to underwater hydroponic devices, think of it and it's been done.  Live free and grind is his only motive.        


Nugmads all have one thing in common, strain hunting!  Seeking the most precious seeds allow Nuggs the grower to produce the finest varieties of herb distributed throughout Nugglife.  Wandering past where trails end and exploring outer realms to find what we know as "exotics" is the simple life of a Nugmad.  


The coolest hippy in town, lounging away on a daily basis.  His motto is "Live life to the fullest".  You can catch this dude roaming around with the most delicious greens in Nugglife.  If you ever cross him you should definitely try and grab a bag :) 


The King of Dabs is what most call him.  This fellow introduced an new process of hash making years ago in Nugglife.  Since then Nuggs and this stoned fellow have been in business putting nothing to waste.  


One of the coolest in Nugglife.  This guy got it all. Money, hoes, jewelry...everything a man dreams of.  Always on the grind, don't get caught up in one of his deals.  Hiding in the wilderness can be sketchy with Nuggyeaters around.  


The most crooked of them all, this guy stays true to his cop roots...grimey, big ego, but "enforces" the law.  Always coming around for payday, make sure to keep up with his cost.  Without him, all hell would break loose and with him Nuggs and Thugz can stay in business keeping the unwanted out of town.  


"The Nuggyeater" A yeti like furry creature with massive claws that loves to eat perfect, ready-to-harvest nugs.  Being one of Nugglife's most feared, you can find these cute creatures roaming the wilderness in search of the precious green.   Be sure to set up traps to avoid his wrath!   


And you thought you smoked a lot.  This is all Leafy knows! Always placing first in smoking contests, he's taken every aspect of smoking to the extreme.   I dare you to challenge him, its impossible.   


I ain't clowning around with this one.  Rusty the clown might be homeless but his nutty tricks keep him going.  Everyday he has something new for you.  Whether its inflicting pain upon himself or you inflicting pain on him, everyday is a payday.     


The happiest man in Nugglife, I present to you Reggie.  Always down for a good blaze and some tunes, you can always catch him hiking back from a Grow-Op with a stinky sack from Nuggs.  Chilling with this guy will always brighten up your day.    


When it comes to the baked goods, leave it up to Kasey.  She has it all...cookies, brownies, candy and cakes!  Every Sunday is funday, and when the bakery opens up, be ready for the swarm.      


In every perfect world, there's always an evil villain.  Unfortunately in this case, its the DEA.  With all these operations going on and the flow of money increasing daily, Agent Dick is always around the corner ready to kick a door in.   Just remember, society crashed a few hundred years ago.  Nugglife has no ruler, just those who formed together to build as one.  But Agent Dick still believes in his ancestors tradition, trying to bring down the devils lettuce once and for all.


Nugglife is filled with the most random characters in the world.  Here's a selection of some of my favorite peoples in Nugglife.