"Grow-Op & DEA Headquarters"

This is the NUGGLIFE Grow-Op #2 with DEA Headquarters. This set includes 2 10" MADL's with six 3" custom dunnys and one 3" custom bic buddy. This set was part of the creation of my newest character's of the year SMOKEY, and Agent Ox! Now each MADL comes with LED lighting and easy access battery. Characters fit inside each operation allowing you set up to the clients desire. Here's a little something about the story: For the past 3 years I've been working on a series of works portraying a seen in American society for hundreds of years now. NUGGLIFE a world were underground influences emerge to create an exclusive lifestyle......the hustler! These three characters of mine Nuggs, Thugz, and Crooked ED, are out to do what they do best....supply and demand, and everyone goes home happy. Now of course there's people to interfere with NUGGLIFE's transactions. In this new set I've included something that's never been seen before, "The DEA Headquarters". This operation is much worse than NUGGS expected. Now with tracking technology, cloning devices, and a hide out the DEA are back in action! Here's a video made by Jordan aka (dopevinyl) he did a killer job! http://youtu.be/Ss22itz00lI